Chris McFarland

9 June 2017

Still working on Tallowmere 2.

I'm currently in website limbo where this blog here is neglected, but Tallowmere 2's website needs a new facelift with the new art I'm using. But updating the website is a low priority while I work on the game.

2 November 2016

What's happening with Tallowmere 2? Be sure to read my Returning to Tallowmere post. Long story short, animation made things feel too lively in a game that excels at enemies not moving very much. For a long time I thought making a sequel would be the best decision, but no more. Going forward, I feel it will be better to update Tallowmere 1 with the things I want instead.

I ought to submit Tallowmere to Nintendo of Europe for an EU/AU Wii U release before the Switch comes out. I wanted to submit Tallowmere to the NZ Office of Film & Literature Classification so I could launch my game in New Zealand on console, but I can't justify the OFLC's fee at this time, so might just stick with Europe and Australia for the final Wii U release.

Europe and Australia are part of IARC (International Age Rating Coalition) meaning I can get my game rated for free, whereas NZ is not part of the IARC so I'd have to pay. For a $5 game on a console that's on it's way out in a small country -- it would not be financially viable.

Xbox One port? There's some internal stuff in there that is hard. I like Unity for its ease of development. Putting Tallowmere on the Wii U was easy enough (not cake, but doable). But unfortunately, this Xbox One stuff is tough for me. Not sure if an Xbox One port will happen.

I haven't reached out to Sony for PlayStation 4 development yet. Might wait for new things to be added to Tallowmere 1 at this stage.

Game development is tough :)

3 June 2016

Submitted Tallowmere's Wii U port to Nintendo for certification today.

Hopefully third time's the charm.

2 June 2016

Hello. This is a new blog. I felt like creating this because sometimes trying to craft my words to a Facebook audience is weird, and sometimes things aren't really Twitter-worthy (or just plain too long). Sometimes I like to talk to nobody in particular too.

What's new with me? I'm finishing up my Wii U port of Tallowmere, and working on the Xbox One port.

Nintendo certification is fun 😃

Recently bought Overwatch. Its gameplay is fun, but the intermission between matches is too long. It's a good filler game for short bursts.

Still playing Dota 2 now and then. My MMR is around 3,200. I try not to feed, I swear.