Chris McFarland


Hello! My name is Chris McFarland.

I'm a solo game developer living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am best known for Tallowmere.


Raise your shield. Embrace Lady Tallowmere's dungeons. How far can you make it?

Tallowmere is a 2D dungeon platformer game. Launched March 2015. Made with Unity. I did all the coding, art, sound effects, and music.

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Tallowmere 2

Throughout 2016 I worked on Tallowmere 2, but as of November 2016 I've decided the direction it was going wasn't the right fit, so the things I had planned for the sequel are now planned for the original game instead. Being creative is weird at times :)

Made in New Zealand

There are other cool games being made in New Zealand.

I'm curating a list of NZ-made games on Steam. Take a look.


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